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Empowerment Summit

Be Empowered

The annual BlaqOut Empowerment Summit is BlaqOut’s flagship event, which brings together community members, agency representatives, policy makers, and funders to share the latest BlaqOut research, developments, and initiatives aimed at advancing the well-being of Kansas City’s Black LGBTQ+ community.

Summit attendees receive firsthand information about various factors and issues impacting the lives and health of Black LGBTQ+ people — particularly those related to societal inequities and injustice and healthcare access, quality, and costs.

At the event, Black LGBTQ+ people and their allies, as well as Black LGBTQ+-serving organizations, share space and coalesce around a common vision for our collective future. By prioritizing both LGBTQ+ individuals and service providers, the Summit creates a unique and intentional space for sharing, learning, and celebrating the culture and creativity of the Black LGBTQ+ community together.

Thank You to our Summit Sponsors

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