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Culture of Care

Capital Campaign

Imagine feeling that you have no true safe space in your life. Nowhere that feels truly comfortable to meet with friends, spend quiet time alone, or express yourself in all the ways that represent YOU. 

For many Black individuals, finding a safe space can be challenging. But imagine also having a sexual identity or gender expression that adds another demanding layer to life. If you’re a Black person of queer or trans experience in the Kansas City metro, accessible, inclusive safe spaces that gives you the freedom to let your guard down and truly be yourself are nearly nonexistent. 

BlaqOut exists to shift this paradigm and center Black LGBTQ+ people at the forefront of a community that not only often lacks inclusion, but also frequently inflicts shame and harm. We provide these individuals a chance to empower themselves to lead, feel safe being who they are and affirmed in their identities, and grow to become happy, healthy, and productive. 

Safe space: A place intended to be free of bias, conflict, criticism, or potentially threatening actions, ideas, or conversations

To encourage lasting, positive change, BlaqOut is creating Kansas City’s first and only permanent safe space for the Black LGBTQ+ community — a place where fear, stigma, repression, and judgment are left outside the door. We seek to partner with community stakeholders, collaborative partners, numerous funders, city representatives, and local architects to create a refuge from physical dangers and an empowering environment for confronting social marginalization and structural health vulnerabilities. 

BlaqOut’s multifaceted facility will provide social support, reduce HIV and LGBTQ+ stigma, and foster a sense of community for Black LGBTQ+ people in the area. We will provide a space for leisure and a mutually supportive environment as well as opportunities for health promotion, workforce development, support groups, social justice organizing, and more.

Our Culture of Care capital campaign’s goal to raise $1+ million will propel BlaqOut into a future that bolsters the Black LGBTQ+ community through innovative solutions to healthcare and wellness. Your gift will help make our vision a reality.

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