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Let's PrEP!

Access for All

BlaqOut’s long-term objectives and outcomes are consistent with national and state Ending the HIV Epidemic objectives to reduce HIV incidence and prevalence:

To accomplish this, we offer our members both in-person and virtual (telePrEP) options.


In an effort to make accessing PrEP convenient and affordable, BlaqOut does not charge for provider visits, labs, or medication access. Instead, we support our members by offering PrEP in the manner that best suits their lives and lifestyles — whether that be daily PrEP usage, PrEP on demand, or periodic PrEP. Our approach is relational rather than transactional, addressing the whole person and speaking to the psychological needs of the community.


BlaqOut was the first to provide a telePrEP solution and offer HIV home testing kits in the local region. Our members frequently express that our model is faster, more convenient, and easier than other ways of accessing PrEP. 

BlaqOut is now positioned to expand our successful telePrEP services more broadly in the greater Kansas City bi-state (Missouri and Kansas) area through our partnership with Q Care Plus. The partnership increases the accessibility of PrEP to those whose providers do not prescribe PrEP, who do not want to ask their doctor for PrEP, who live far from a PrEP provider, and/or who want PrEP delivered discreetly to their home.

Through our partnership, BlaqOut and Q Care Plus promote awareness and initiation of PrEP, highlight decreased barriers to accessing PrEP, and encourage regular HIV testing (no-cost, home self-tests, and/or in-clinic tests). BlaqOut and Q Care Plus share a singular, overarching objective: work to make a difference and help end the HIV epidemic by expanding PrEP access for everyone in the state. 

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