LEAD Fellowship Program

Leadership Development

First launched in 2017, the BlaqOut Leadership Academy (LEAD) Fellowship is a capacity-building program specifically designed to empower and cultivate the next generation of Black LGBTQ+ leaders. The immersive experience equips participants with essential leadership skills, fosters community engagement, and promotes social advocacy through a structured educational curriculum, individual development plans, executive coaching, facilitated mentoring, and peer learning.

The 12-month program offers a cohort-style learning environment and recruits and graduates up to five fellows. Recruits are drawn from BlaqOut’s current membership, outreach programs, and the broader community.

Through the LEAD Fellowship, BlaqOut aims to address the unique challenges faced by Black LGBTQ+ individuals while nurturing their potential to drive positive change. It is a transformative experience — for our fellows, BlaqOut, and the community we serve.

Program Goals

The goals of the LEAD Fellowship Program are to:

Program Objectives

Participants in the LEAD Fellowship will achieve:

Programmatic Approach

The LEAD Fellowship embraces four fundamental aspects of community mobilization:

Programmatic Elements