Plan a Call to Action

By giving a f_ck, you’re not just making a statement; you are becoming a catalyst for change, a beacon of hope, and a force for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Below is a list of ideas to show your friends and family just how much you give a f_ck!

Share Your "Why"

Encourage participants to share their personal reasons for supporting  BlaqOut’s mission on social media using the campaign hashtag.

Educate and Inform

Share informative articles, videos, or graphics about the challenges  faced by the Black LGBTQ+ community to raise awareness among your network.

Host a Virtual Event

Organize an online panel discussion, workshop, or webinar on topics  related to Black LGBTQ+ issues and invite your friends and followers to attend.

Social Media Challenge

Create a challenge that involves participants posting a photo or  video explaining why they “Give a F*ck!” and challenging their friends to do the same.

Artistic Expression

Encourage participants to create and share art, poetry, or music that celebrates the resilience and strength of the Black LGBTQ+ community.

Community Conversations

Facilitate discussions with friends and family about the  importance of supporting marginalized communities, including Black LGBTQ+ individuals.

Spread Awareness

Share BlaqOut’s posts and content on your social media platforms to  amplify their reach and engage your followers.

Write to Local Media

Pen an op-ed or letter to the editor about the need for healthcare  access and safe spaces for the Black LGBTQ+ community, submitting it to local newspapers.

Engage with Influencers

Reach out to social media influencers or bloggers who align with  the cause, and ask them to share information about the campaign.

Advocate for Change

Write to your local representatives, advocating for policies that  promote inclusivity, equality, and healthcare access for the Black LGBTQ+ community.

Volunteer Virtually

Offer to help with virtual tasks for BlaqOut, such as creating social media  content, designing graphics, or writing blog posts.

Host a Virtual Fundraiser

Organize a virtual fundraising event, like a virtual dance party or  trivia night, where participants can donate to the campaign.

Community Outreach

Organize a local event (following safety guidelines) to distribute  campaign materials, engage in conversations, and raise awareness in your area.

Email Signature and Profile Picture

Add campaign graphics to your email signature and  update your social media profile picture to promote the cause.

Encourage Pledges

Encourage your friends and followers to take the “Give a F*ck!” pledge to  support Black LGBTQ+ individuals and create safer spaces.

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