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What does it look like to give a f_ck?
It looks like YOU!

Program Overview

The BlaqOut Ambassador Program is designed for passionate individuals who are committed to  going beyond traditional support. Ambassadors play a vital role in identifying and seizing  opportunities to promote the “Give a F_ck!” campaign and raise awareness for the Black LGBTQ+  community. Ambassadors act as dedicated advocates, engaging in a variety of activities that align  with their strengths, skills, and resources.

Roles and Responsibilities

Campaign Advocacy

Ambassadors actively promote the campaign’s message and goals in  their personal and professional networks.

Opportunity Identification

Ambassadors scout for opportunities to showcase the  campaign at events, workshops, conferences, and online platforms.


Ambassadors engage with supporters and potential donors, sharing  campaign updates and encouraging involvement.

Content Creation

Ambassadors contribute by creating content such as blog posts, videos,  graphics, or social media posts that highlight the campaign.


Ambassadors collaborate with other supporters, influencers, and  organizations to expand the campaign’s reach.

Local Engagement

Ambassadors organize grassroots events, workshops, or awareness  drives in their communities.

Media Outreach

Ambassadors may assist in reaching out to local media outlets to secure  coverage for campaign events and activities.

Feedback Loop

Ambassadors provide valuable insights, suggestions, and feedback to  improve campaign strategies.

Support for Fundraising

Ambassadors encourage individuals to become “F_ckers,” sharing  the benefits of recurring giving.

Advocacy Training

Ambassadors are provided with training materials, campaign updates,  and support to effectively communicate the campaign’s goals.

Benefits for Ambassadors


Ambassadors directly contribute to positive change for the Black LGBTQ+  community.


Ambassadors receive recognition on BlaqOut’s website and social media.


Ambassadors connect with like-minded individuals, influencers, and  community leaders.

Exclusive Updates

Ambassadors receive exclusive updates on campaign progress/events.

Professional Development

Ambassadors enhance skills in advocacy, event planning,  networking, and content creation.

Campaign Gear

Ambassadors receive exclusive campaign merchandise.


Ambassadors may receive invitations to virtual meetings with campaign  leaders or other special/exclusive opportunities.

Application and Selection Process

1. Application: Interested individuals submit an application expressing their motivation,  skills, and commitment. 

2. Review: BlaqOut reviews applications, assessing alignment with the campaign’s values and  goals. 

3. Orientation: Selected ambassadors receive an orientation session, understanding their  roles and responsibilities. 

4. Support: Ambassadors are provided with training, resources, toolkits, and regular updates  needed to aid and enhance their activities.

Program Evaluation and Recognition

The Ambassador Program’s impact is evaluated through metrics like engagement, event  participation, content creation, and fundraising support. Outstanding ambassadors may receive  special recognition and invitations to campaign-related events. 

The BlaqOut Ambassador Program empowers individuals to take their support beyond donations,  making a lasting impact by proactively promoting the “Give a F*ck!” campaign and advocating for  the Black LGBTQ+ community.

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