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Vaccine Equity and
Awareness Program

BlaqOut understands how illness and disease threaten the health, finances, livelihoods, and very existence of all people — many of whom, like our focus population, already face multiple disparities and barriers to good health. In an effort to combat public health concerns like COVID-19, influenza, and mpox, and increase vaccination rates within our local community, particularly among Black LGBTQ+ people, BlaqOut developed the Vaccine Equity and Awareness Program (VEAP). VEAP’s goal is to reinforce the message that, despite what popular sentiment may convey, these threats to public health are still present and that taking precautions, like getting vaccinated and/or boosted, is still recommended.

As a public health organization, BlaqOut strives to reach populations that are frequently overlooked, disconnected from the traditional healthcare system, and disproportionately impacted by public health crises by circulating consistent, up-to-date information within public discourse. BlaqOut aims to reinforce the fact that COVID-19, influenza, and mpox remain a serious threat to many people, particularly those who are unvaccinated, through the use of multiple avenues of communication, including social media, radio, printed materials, dedicated events, etc. 

Through VEAP, BlaqOut commits to using established, scientific facts to counter myths, promote vaccinations and boosters, and, ultimately, encourage good health practices for all.

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